in with the new
février 28, 2010, 15:29
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After slaving away at photoshop for about 2 hours, I finally present to the world a new banner for my wordpress. It wasn’t that I got bored of the previous one as much as I felt like I wanted a change and more color. I loved the little geisha doll on the other one but the white was getting a bit too garish for my liking. I also did three new etsy banners for my bead bourdoir. I am currently using number 1 but feel free to comment on which is your favorite :




Oh the simple wonders of photoshop, unfortunately I am no extraordinaire though I certainly wish for the time devotion to this single skill. Work really does keep me away from fun, the money however is too tempting to refuse. Anyhow I have also designed new custom order signs for my etsy store.



[ click on picture to enlarge ]

On a rather unhappy note, the hubby is leaving soon once again. Two weeks flew by extremely quickly and quite unfairly so with our work schedules clashing. I finally decided to hell with geos and took an unpaid holiday yesterday ( saturday ) after ingratiating myself with my manager ( who is terrific btw ). Chocolate makes a great dessert but an even better bribe.  I decided that I was ready to face art again almost 2 years after 6 hours of art inundation at the lourve so we trudged onwards through the mud and rain of spring thunderstorms to the tokyo national museum to view the renoir exhibition. It was definitely fun but again I became overwhelmed and left after 2 hours of paint oggling.  It’s suppose to be dour tomorrow with the rain and gloom but I still have to visit the legal office to drop off our tax paperwork to get our money back. On top of that I have to take an exam tomorrow early in the morning. Brilliant.

Living really gets in the way of life.


be mine.
février 14, 2010, 12:56
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In Japan, women give guys chocolate on Valentine’s day. In perspective that is a nice little change for me, from the royal treatment that my husband gives me Vday ( and on ordinary days ). Bless his heart, even after pulling a 20 hour nighter at work he still made me a terrific breakfast of eggs, sausage and sliced potato hash browns. So feeling guilty for all the years of not giving anything but a mere card, I decided to reciprocate this year with..


I savored every last delectable drop of the dark sweetness from the batter before my health conscience got the better of me and I had to wash it all down the drain. Very pleased that he liked it so much, it never ceases to amaze me that such a simple gesture is enough for him.

I am rather fortunate don’t you think?

SLRing in Japan
février 8, 2010, 04:54
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At Kamakura, the colors of modernity stand out in stark contrast to the austerity of tradition.

janvier 29, 2010, 16:12
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I lied.

LASIK surgery in Japan is not happening partly because I am terrified to death of becoming blind but mostly because the Japanese doctors don’t speak english and also don’t allow my translator-friend to be in the operating room. Wth.  I shall have to content with doing it back in the States where shit is more legit anyway.

On to other things. I have been too busy to even eat on certain days, my private students have quadrupled. I started with 3 in August last year and now I have like 9 students . That is awesome for my bank account pulling in another $1200 each month but money is never free. I am perpetually reeling from fatigue and at night I fall asleep thinking of tomorrow’s agenda. My life is constantly assaulted by the clock. Needless to say besides spending time with Patrick, and housework, both of my masters courses keep me really busy too, but thankfully my school has a laptop which I use to do my homework on when I am not having class. God knows what I would do without it, stay up till 4am in the morning probably. The extent of my work load is about 4 essays per week including 2 discussion topics and 2 discussion responses with proper APA citation. Nevertheless, I am coping well and my grades are in the 4.0 range though I expect I shall only take 1 module next semester with my private tutoring getting so busy. I actally work 6 days a week with Mondays being my only day off usually spent in the confines of my study, dutifully churning out essays. I don’t use any heating because I believe I work best in the cold. And it saves us about $300 a month! Besides the winters in Japan aren’t really that cold as to require heating. Maryland however, is another issue altogether.

Anyhow, I can hardly believe January came and gone just like that. Before I know it, I’ll be back in singy before too long on April 25th to May 10th.

Yup, tickets have been booked 🙂

its been a while..
janvier 14, 2010, 13:33
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I know my wordpress probably has collected a lot of digital dust but I have just become way too busy. School started last monday and the first week went by in a whirl of assignments and discussion posts, two of each to be precise on top of my regular work which has thankfully been merciful. I have also started doing my visa paperwork this last monday which will be put on hold until October this year so that it doesnt expire before we are able to go back to the states this christmas. The parents came and left, leaving me listless and depressed for a few days. I had to get used to the noise and nagging when they were here. Then they left, leaving me to grapple with the icy silence and the cold independence of moving out. In short, it has been a busy first few weeks of 2010. Which is set to continue throughout the year as I finish up my masters this year doing two modules per semester or every 2 months. So far it is all going fantastically well, both my submissions for one of my classes were model assignments and I scored a 100% for both modules. Despite the hard work, school is fun though and I enjoy the academic interaction which is otherwise non-existent in Japan.

And oh I forgot to mention that I am due for LASIK surgery on the 31st of this month, oh the anticipation to bid a (somewhat) permanent adieu to the world of glasses and contact lenses.

This brief update shall have to suffice for now, I still have two more items due for submission by this week for school.


excuse me
décembre 2, 2009, 17:01
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I have been so busy I haven’t had time to breathe.

First came the grad school textbooks that meandered their way from selected vendors into my stale life of work, I was grateful for the intervention then.

My husband came back 2 weeks after our rendevous in Singapore and we have been terribly busy since. Busy suffocating each other with love, busy with the occasional fight, busier still with the making up and finally getting ready the house for my family’s visit.

A list of things have been achieved since the last time I wrote on this sphere:

1. The dining table which sat in assorted brown boxes has been built by the abled hands of Patrick Moore, not without occasional outbursts of frustration and the incessant cacophony of our stereo .

2.  We finally bought a bed, sheets, duvet and pillows for the guest bedroom hurrah!

3. I finally purchased the much needed bathroom drawer for our collapsing pillar of towels

4. We FINALLY collected all the damn mail that was clogging up our mailbox for months because I am too weak and frail to carry it all by my lonesome self.

( only to clog it up somemore when my impending purchases from Bed Bath and Beyond — my staple household store )

5. I finally purged the most unpleasant person out of facebook and subsequently my life. Hint: SHE ha skin like the surface of the moon, personality like sin and is not the brightest tool in the shed.

6. Lasik may become a reality VERY soon.

7. Green card applications shall be in the works, soon

8. We finally bought a vacuum cleaner, say goodbye to painstaking sweeping of the floor with a little dustpan. Ha!

9. I want a siberian husky, in fact a specific one which we know will destroy our house completely

and lastly,

I am 23.

Of course, there have been more things to complain and sulk about, like for example the manager who complains about her weight but eats fast food daily. Or the co worker whose empty smile contains distrust( damn japs ) and the  impending departure of a dear friend.

But work is work and I constantly remind myself that Japan is but a small chapter in our lives.

how very disappointing
novembre 18, 2009, 17:47
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Its a modern day tragedy when someone you’ve always thought as a little bit more intellectually sophisticated than a mammal, turns out to not be.

These days, it seems everything is predictable down from the stock market to the number of suicides on a particular day of the month based on the weather forecast. When indeed, people react no different than a robot being programmed. Even their very choice of words are predictable!

Has the world come to this?